Vail Daily column: A few helpful notes for Hillary Clinton |

Vail Daily column: A few helpful notes for Hillary Clinton

As promised last week when I provided her opponent with a comprehensive list, the following is a similarly unbiased collection of suggestions I believe are needed in order to win the upcoming election:

Secretary Clinton, if you really, truly wish to lead our nation for the next four years, I have a few thoughts on what you should and should not do leading up to November 8th.

First, ignore anything and everything from your opponent. Let the man’s words speak for themselves.

Quit pretending you have this election in the bag. Too many unknown situations can arise during these final 14 days that are beyond your control. Use your imagination and figure out, in advance, what WikiLeaks is going to release next.

Quit defending your husband, as voters are smart enough (well, most of them) to know he is not running for president, and please quit allowing him to campaign on your behalf.

Quit attacking the racist, white supremacists, alt-right crowd, as even a mere mention in a public setting apparently seems to provide them with the validity they so desperately crave.

Quit acting like you’re an incumbent and painting the race as simply you against your opponent.

Quit acting like your campaign is a referendum on your opponent and that you can out-argue him rhetorically.

Just because your opponent mocks your physical appearance, spreads lies about your family and slanders ethnic and religious minorities while demonstrating gross ignorance of the most basic issues, does not mean you have to adopt the same strategy.

Quit playing this campaign by old school rules, even though following them for years has seemed to work for you. The death nail for companies like Blockbuster and the Vail Trail (no offense, Knox Family) was their lack of ability to change with the times. You must adapt.

Quit telling people to go to your website for fact-checking, as nothing screams biased more than, “I know it’s true because my website says it is!”

Resist the temptation to poke fun at your opponent’s use of the previously unknown word “Bigly,” as the possibility exists that he is simply trying to say the phrase “Big league” but refuses to admit improper pronunciation.

Quit wasting time responding to any more of the inane statements made by your opponent, as you have surrogates to take the low road on your behest so you can stay high (no offense, non-Coloradoan readers).

Your opponent promises to sue everyone he disagrees with if he is elected. Although highly tempting, do not say a word, and, as I said, just let his words speak for themselves.

Start pointing out how rates 71 percent of your opponent’s claims as “Mostly false, false and Pants-on-fire” compared to only 27% for you.

Start telling people why they should vote for you, and make sure it has absolutely nothing to do with your opponent, while highlighting your actual positions and plans for immigration, war in the Middle East, other national security issues, jobs, trade, the economy, climate change, our education system, and so on.

Thank you, and I hope this helps.

Richard Carnes of Edwards writes weekly. He can be reached at

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