Vail Daily column: Chamber offers ‘PEACE’ of mind |

Vail Daily column: Chamber offers ‘PEACE’ of mind

In my role as CEO of Vail Valley Partnership, I’m often asked, “what exactly does the Chamber do?” I’m confident that this is common among those of us in the chamber profession.

Our vision — what we strive for daily, or our reason for being — is to develop and enhance the economic vitality of our region. Our mission is leading collaboration for community success. Essentially, we work to ensure that our community remains economically viable and that we’re working together with other community partners, including business, nonprofit, special districts and local governments, to bring people together.

Essentially, Vail Valley Partnership offers our members “PEACE” of mind.

• P is for problem solving: The Partnership is a resource for solving challenges and needs our members may have, as well as being a hub for discussion and finding answers to community challenges.

(The Vail Valley Partnership) has taken the lead to help address community issues, including workforce housing and workforce development efforts. Our group sales efforts help driving business during our off-peak seasons. Our community is not the easiest place to conduct business, and (the Vail Valley Partnership) is here to help businesses navigate the path.

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We’ve taken the lead to help address community issues, including workforce housing and workforce development efforts. Our group sales efforts help driving business during our off-peak seasons. Our community is not the easiest place to conduct business, and we’re here to help businesses navigate the path.

• E is for economic development: The Partnership is an engine for economic development through our work in business retention and expansion, helping solve workforce issues and helping our members grow. Consider our SmartBusiness Eagle County business retention program, data and research offerings and MyPartner Career Network trailing spouse program.

Our economic development programming is an excellent example of a public-private partnership with Eagle County and our local municipalities and special districts designed to provide support and resources to the business community and to guide merging and prospective businesses.

• A is for advocacy: Simply put, we fight for the interests of our members at the local, state and even federal levels. Our efforts focus on housing, transportation, workforce and broadband; if your businesses have a need, let us know and we will work to help you.

The fact is, the mountain region and Eagle County need a voice in Denver around the issues that confront our business community — and we’re here to advocate on behalf of the needs of our businesses.

• C is for connection: Whether it is the Partnership’s Business After Hours or breakfast networking events, hundreds (even thousands) of referrals we provide, providing numerous cost-savings programs or connecting our members to new customers through our website and social media, the chamber can connect you to those you need to do business with every day. We reach both visitors and locals through our marketing channels.

Our NEXT Vail Valley emerging leader program and our Power Groups (mastermind groups) are additional examples of education facilitated through Vail Valley Partnership.

E is for education: Whether it is policy events, candidate forums, 12@12 information sessions, our Vail Valley Business Forum Series, our information-packed weekly newsletter or other events throughout the year, Vail Valley Partnership gives you the information you need to succeed. We are increasingly engaged with Eagle County Schools and Colorado Mountain College to better connect our school system to our business community.

PEACE of mind doesn’t come easy; it takes a full team committed to our core values of collaboration, engagement, inclusiveness, service, integrity and responsiveness. And we’re fortunate to have a great team here to serve you, our members, on a daily basis.

Our entire team — from membership to lodging quality assurance, from group sales to marketing — is focused on offering you, our members and our business community, PEACE of mind. The team at Vail Valley Partnership — Maren, Erik, Ben, Anna, Alison, Lauren, Amy, Kim, Sandra, Susan, and Tina — is committed to positively impacting our community, and positively impacting your business. I’m honored to work with this group of dedicated professionals and think you’ll share that view when you engage with us. Learn more about our team at

It’s not just our staff. Vail Valley Partnership’s Board of Governors is the principal governing and policy-making body of the organization and is integral to our success.

The board’s membership is as diverse as the Vail Valley business community, with business leaders serving from a variety of business sectors and with representation throughout Eagle County. They are equally committed to adding value to the business community through the Partnership’s programs & advocacy efforts.

So, to answer that earlier question of “what do you do at the chamber?” Together, our staff and board help create PEACE of mind for the Vail Valley business community.

Chris Romer is president and CEO of the Vail Valley Partnership, the regional chamber of commerce. Learn more at The PEACE of mind concept was adapted with permission from my chamber colleague Pete Havel at the Waxahachie (Texas) Chamber.

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