Vail Daily column: Clearly a black and white issue |

Vail Daily column: Clearly a black and white issue

Richard Carnes
My View

“What’s worse, lying about a robbery or not putting your hand over your heart during the national anthem?”

It depends.

“On what?”

The colors involved.

“What do you mean?”

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If it’s a black guy involved with the robbery and a white guy with the hand over heart issue, then it’s a no-brainer.


Lying about a robbery, of course, is much worse, but the opposite is true with a little flip-flopping color change.

“Really, you’re going to go there?”

Well, duh, it’s common sense. If it’s a white guy lying about a robbery and a black guy not doing the hand over the heart thingy, then of course the African-anti-American, non-patriotic, disrespectful, Black Lives Matter, vote for Hillary Clinton scumbag is a much more serious issue.

“That’s kinda racist, don’t you think?”

Whoa there, Bubba, it’s not me. This is the actual way the Ryan Lochte-Gabby Douglas Olympic-sized issues are being portrayed on the airwaves and across social media.

“But doesn’t that just depend upon which websites and channels you choose to watch?”

Sure, according to Fox, Breitbart, InfoWars, Red Flag News and those types, Gabby Douglas obviously hates America but Ryan Lochte and his bros were just a bunch of drunk frat boys letting off a little harmless steam.

But if you watch MSNBC and follow websites like OccupyDemocrats and NPR, then Gabby was simply caught up in the emotion of the moment, upset with herself for not performing up to her potential, and Lochte is a spoiled rich little white boy of privilege who should be stripped of his 2016 Olympic medal and sent to Bernie Sanders’ Sensitivity Camp.

“Seems a tad extreme on both sides.”

Agreed, but switch colors for Fox and Friends, and Black Lochte is suddenly a thug deserving American jail time while White Douglas is pure as the driven snow, an overly emotional princess deserving of her own reality show and a cover girl for all boxes of Wheaties delivered to the Midwest. And besides, protocol is for the hand over the heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, not the national anthem.

“Racist nonsense at its finest.”

Yep. But either way, with all due respect to my Brazilian friends, Brazil looks like a third world Banana Republic with the massive poverty, inept security, over two dozen real gunpoint robberies in the Olympic areas, corruption, green water and dead bodies floating around, so spare me the righteous indignation of protecting their reputation.

Yes, these drunk “ugly Americans” peed behind a gas station (armed guards at a gas station?) and concocted a silly story for the media, but they’ll lose endorsements and in all likelihood never represent the U.S. again in competition, all completely deserved, and Gabby Douglas apologized for the perceived but not intentional disrespect, end of story.

Yet both her and Lochte earned and deserved their gold medals, represented the U.S. to the best of their abilities (performance wise), and it is now time to move on to more important issues.

“Like politics, the economy, poverty, health care and racial disparities?”

No, dummy, the NFL starts in 16 days, so get your priorities straight. Jeez, this is clearly a black and white issue for most of us.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at poor@

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