Vail Daily column: Dear President-Elect Trump |

Vail Daily column: Dear President-Elect Trump

The first president I remember was JFK.

The memory was my mom and I watching the funeral procession on TV from our house in North Dallas.

I was 4.

Although staunch Republicans (I’m pretty sure Democrats were illegal in Texas at that point), my mom cried and all I knew was somebody important had died.

But please, a tweet is not a press release nor does it qualify as a press conference where one does not allow questions, so please stop. Such childish pettiness is beneath your new position.

Our household then railed against Johnson in favor of Goldwater, supported Nixon and Ford, despised Carter, loved Reagan and both Bush’s, hated Clinton and was scared to death of Obama because he was not like the rest of them.

Through each administration I learned more and more about your upcoming position, and the heavy weight of responsibility it demands across the globe. Whether I personally liked or agreed with the president at the time was irrelevant to my awe and respect for the title.

I would consider it a personal favor if you would continue this tradition.

Not for me, of course, as that would be selfish, but for America, and her future generations.

But a Victory Tour, really?

Don’t you have briefings to read, intelligence meetings to attend and cabinet members to appoint?

And speaking of appointments, Elaine Chao, whom you just nominated for Transportation Secretary, is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Wow. Mitch McConnell has a wife?

Appointing a Goldman Sachs (GS) billionaire to head up the Treasury Department could work, but the other two GS appointees you are currently considering somewhat contradicts your attacks on Secretary Clinton for her GS connections, don’t you think?

And “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense? Look, saying macho one-liners and sounding tough to the uneducated does not make anyone a real man, but if you truly believe this one can perform his duties with the respect and relevance the position deserves, then you have my full support.

But please, a tweet is not a press release nor does it qualify as a press conference where one does not allow questions, so please stop. Such childish pettiness is beneath your new position. Hand the phone to Melania and let her deal with it, along with the remote too, as you appear to be easily distracted by Saturday Night Live.

And please stop saying you “won in a landslide.” Not only does it not matter, it is also not true. Accept the fact that a majority of voters did not think you were presidential material.

Prove them wrong.

Also, you cannot say how all Americans need to come together and then smile and nod as your sheep continue to shout, “Lock her up!” Being president is not a sporting event, and continuing to use the words “sad, fat, weak, loser,” etc. only serves to embolden those you criticize.

Among the many freedoms our American flag represents is the freedom to burn an American flag. Understand that many politicians have periodically attempted to impose legal restrictions on the flag, almost all running for election at the time (including Hillary Clinton), but all have been easily shut down by the courts, including the US Supreme Court.

In other words, burning the 1st Amendment will not work.

Also understand that government intervention on taxes, tariffs, regulations and subsidies to create level playing fields for companies to compete smacks of socialism, not capitalism, and the good folks at Carrier are, according to the Wall Street Journal, still moving over 1,300 jobs to Mexico.

To be clear, this means over 1,300 lost jobs in Indiana.

And please don’t foster the mythical “War on Christmas” nonsense. If you want to say, “Merry Christmas,” then do so. If someone else wants to say “Happy holidays,” let them.

It all goes back to that pesky First Amendment.

Your deep-seated need to be liked and adored must now take a back seat to the needs of the American people. You won an election with words, now you must earn the respect of all with actions.

Thank you, congratulations, and please give my best to the wives and kids.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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