Vail Daily column: Expect the unexpected in 2017, sort of |

Vail Daily column: Expect the unexpected in 2017, sort of

I have seen the future.

Not like my new year prognostication columns of the past (well, sort of, but I don’t want to ruin the flow yet …), for I have literally seen the future of, well, of reality.

And it is virtual.

Don’t get me wrong though, as I know a few of you still enjoy the pretend realities of myth, but what I’m talking about here is the myth of reality known as “virtual” reality.

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Yes, for Christmas I received the ultimate gift for the computer nerd — an HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset.

By now you’ve seen those commercials with everyday people wearing a massive set of goggles on their head, looking up, down, left, right and stabbing at the air as if something is there, but you see nothing.

Mark my words, as 2017 will usher in a new era of entertainment with virtual reality, seamlessly blending the gaming world with the world of education and information and just about anything your imagination can visualize.

Besides, it’s incredibly cool.

Other than that, I think the new year will be pretty much like the last one.

Politically, the first failure Donald Trump has will immediately be blamed, if not directly on Obama, all Democrats and liberals in general. In fact, like Bill Clinton blamed Bush 43, Bush 44 blamed Clinton and Obama blamed Bush 44, whatever policies do not work for Trump will be blamed on his direct predecessor.

It will only get worse from there.

Trump will continue to wash lavish praise over Putin while ridiculing his own security agencies and basically the American public.

And just like the Divider-in-Chief, many of his supporters will double down rather than admit they have been hoodwinked. For these same reasons, I predict insults will become the preferred method of diplomacy for the new administration.

I also predict those who disagree with the premise of a news story will immediately call it “fake news” and do their best to ensure everyone in their circle agrees.

Locally, real estate sales will increase, affordable housing and seasonal parking will be “major” issues and Vail will be somewhere in the Top 3 in the annual SKI magazine poll.

Tourists will arrive, seasonal workers will leave, someone will complain about the price of lift tickets and rent (but they won’t be the same person) and the Cowboys will at least make it to the second round of the NFL playoffs.

Personally, I resolve to not poke fun of magical deity-believers unless they use their deity-believing as a basis to change or affect public policy in any way, shape or form, in which case it will remain open season.

I pledge to point out idiocy whenever I see it and be respectful when it’s pointed my direction.

I resolve to not leave dishes in the sink, take off my shoes in the mudroom, pay my taxes, love my family and continue to research the unknown.

As long as we work hard, play hard, relax often, chase dreams, follow logic, use common sense and go out of our collective way to be nice to one another, the issues of the day won’t have any real lasting effects for 2017. They’ll just be little virtual blips on our weekly radar, sort of like this column.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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