Vail Daily column: Happy holidays to you |

Vail Daily column: Happy holidays to you

Jason E. Glass
Valley Voices

The holidays are upon us and families are gathering, both near and far, to be with the ones they love. One reason we treasure the holidays is that it reminds us of our childhoods, and the wonder and excitement that comes with this time of year.

Being the father of a 4-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy, my children are in the prime of the holiday spirit. Their new sense of wonder and amazement at the colored lights, the pageantry, and the anticipation (of course!) of this season serves as a constant reminder to me of the many gifts we have, which we too often take for granted.

We live in a place of remarkable natural beauty. In the rush that comes with this time of year, compounded by the busy-ness of our lives, we can sometimes overlook what brought us (and what keeps us) here. We should slow down, look up, and see it more often — the way my children do when they point out the majesty of snow covered evergreens, which I had overlooked in my hustle to be somewhere, answer a phone call, or respond to an email.

Our community delivers a world-class experience of artistry and culture this time of year, and we should make sure that our tourists are not the only ones who enjoy it. Our kids in Eagle County grow up skiing, snowboarding, skating, and exploring a place that rivals most Christmas cards. Our children soak this up, live in the moment, and every experience this time of year is something in which they delight. They show us the importance of being present, if only we would take a breath and slow down.

We’ve certainly had our share of busy-ness this year in Eagle County Schools. With the passage of ballot measures 3A and 3B, we are about to undertake many changes afforded by these additional source funds. School building construction projects, additions to programming, and improvements to the technology provided for student learning to name just a few. We are deeply grateful to our community for supporting their schools in such a significant way. At this time of year, perhaps more than ever, I am truly humbled by the remarkable gifts we share as a community.

The holidays aren’t just about children, but our children serve as an important reminder of what this season is about. As our region becomes a bit more crowded with holiday visitors trying to navigate the traffic circles, filling our grocery stores, and being gleeful about their blue sky powder day, let’s be sure to show them the real beauty of our valley; the community that lives, works, and plays here year-round. Be a good host, share the name of your favorite run, and show them what this majestic place, that we are lucky enough to call home, is all about.

On behalf of all of us with Eagle County Schools, happy holidays!

Jason E. Glass is the superintendent of Eagle County Schools. He can be reached at

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