Vail Daily column: Intolerance, tyranny and the political divide |

Vail Daily column: Intolerance, tyranny and the political divide

In response to the letter of May 31 headlined “Bolshevik revolution in the making,” I would like to apologize to our guests for this unreasoned diatribe and assure them that not all residents of our beautiful valley hold these extreme views.

That the writer, whose First Amendment rights I hold dear, should equate a legitimate opposing political viewpoint with the foundation of a brutal tyranny responsible for the deaths of millions is reprehensible. Unfortunately, his intolerance is indicative of the political divide gripping our already great nation.

To make the statement, “after … eight years of socialistic and authoritarian rule by the Democratic Party” belies a deep misunderstanding of socialism and authoritarianism. It betrays a loose grip on reality.

Yes, much of the extreme right seems to hold fast to the view of Obama as dictator-in-chief. Yet, who were those forming the unrelenting opposition and obstruction to everything he, the twice-elected legitimate president, tried to achieve? What tyranny and constitutional insult denied his moderate Supreme Court nominee even the courtesy of a hearing?

The writer’s next comments, “… our contingent of Bolsheviks (progressives) still strives to maintain its authoritarian control through sabotage, obstruction … and unadulterated dishonesty” are offensive in the context he places them, i.e., very serious questions regarding affirmed Russian attempts to influence our election and the vital investigations surrounding allegations of collusion. For the good of our country, these investigations must play out to completion.

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To state, “… the Democratic Party … is the domestic enemy of the people …” and in the next sentence to imply clearly their equivalency to “Isis, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah” is, in a word, unhinged.

And then comes the threat, a very un-American threat: To frustrate Trump and complete investigations that could result in his ouster, “would be the harbinger of revolution of the ilk that the Bolsheviks brought to the Russian Empire….” “Let slip the dogs of war!” the writer finishes, a clear plea for violence.

Without doubt, many on the extreme right believe this nonsense. It is unfortunate and tragic when truth, facts and the very nature of reality become this distorted and believed by a significant portion, certainly not a majority, of the populace.

Dennis Jones


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