Vail Daily column: Just accept it and move on |

Vail Daily column: Just accept it and move on

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After last weekend’s Cover Rock Festival, I must publicly admit the Rolling Stones rule a live stage, but I still contend The Beatles will always be a better studio band, as lyrics and melody are more important than stage swagger.

Either way, like knowing the professionally offended will always find something wrong with my opinions, I need to accept it and move on.

Problem solved.

Along this same vein, the coal industry has been lying in a filthy coffin for decades. It is time for the final nail.

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Let’s accept it and move on.

Acceptance allows for change, and in most cases is for the better, unless of course you are (sorry, were) a San Diego Chargers fan.

Like the four-year cycle of empty promises made by politicians, life is so much easier once we accept something, regardless of our personal thoughts on the issue.

Driverless cars will be a part of our future, more than 1 million lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people are now married in America, skiing will always be more profitable than snowboarding and with more than $1 billion in 2016 sales and around $150 million in collected taxes for the state of Colorado, legal marijuana is here to stay.

Accept these things and move on.

More than 120 million Americans are on Medicare and/or Medicaid, so we should stop debating whether or not we should consider health care a government issue. Same for the GOP ever actually “repealing and replacing” Obamacare, as I’m pretty sure they spell the word “repeal” T-A-X-C-U-T.

Jared Kushner will not solve America’s opioid epidemic — much less peace in the Middle East — Dennis Rodman does not represent the United States, Democrats will continue to shoot themselves in both left feet with Nancy Pelosi holding the gun, saying somebody is “new to this and doesn’t know any better” will always be an excuse for toddler excrement exposing itself in unusual ways but never an excuse for ignorance involving the president of the United States.

Let’s accept it and move on.

The fruit of the graviola tree does not “kill cancer,” neither does coconut milk or coconut oil, chia seeds will not “fix” sexual issues, and the marketing scam known as “super foods” has as much validity as “clean coal.”

See, acceptance will help save money, as well.

Retail will always exist in some form, but Amazon and Google will soon rule the world, being more than 120 degrees in Arizona last week is no more proof of global warming than melting icebergs but over time is certainly proof of a changing climate.

Science will continue to eradicate and decimate disease while “thoughts and prayers” (a redundant term if there ever was one) will continue to have zero effect on anything at all.

In fact, if not for Emperor Constantine at the Congress of Nicaea in AD 325, almost 2 billion people on the planet would be worshiping the Persian god Mithra, instead of Jesus. No offense intended; so hey, accept it and move on.

Remember, accepting does not actually cause physical change, but it sure does help with perspective.

Problem solved.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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