Vail Daily column: Promise keeping a risky gamble |

Vail Daily column: Promise keeping a risky gamble

Richard Carnes
My View

“You made me promises promises

Knowing I’d believe,

Promises promises

You knew you’d never keep … ”

With apologies to the Naked Eyes hit from 1983, in two embarrassingly long weeks President Donald Trump has done exactly as he promised on the campaign trail.

Some of you are now shouting, “Yeah! Give ’em hell, Donald! Show all them liberals how stupid they are!”

Be careful what you wish for.

For now let’s ignore the childish threats of sending federal troops to Chicago and across the border into Mexico.

We’ll pretend attempts at restructuring particular trade deals will not all but guarantee a seismic shift for China as the world’s new economic leader.

Disregard the $25 billion plus potentially wasted on a wall that experts say will only embolden creativity for how illegals will enter our country.

Brush aside his comment, “We’ve got a lot of killers. You think our country’s so innocent?” thus painting Trump’s America with the morally equivalent brush of Putin’s Russia.

And we can simply discount his hanging up on world leaders when he does not hear what he wishes, his PT Barnum approach to announcing Supreme Court nominees, not allowing his surrogates to appear on networks that do not “promote” his agenda and blowing a gasket and throwing Twitter tantrums over being told “no” by federal judges.

Let’s focus to something simple: government regulations.

(Wow, half the column just to reach this point. SAD!)

President Trump now promises to eliminate two regulations for every one enacted.

Some of you are now shouting, “Yeah! Give ’em hell, Donald! Get rid of all the regulation so our economy can flourish!”

Again, be careful what you wish for.

This third-grade approach is little more than pure marketing nonsense aimed at the simple minded. Arbitrarily making policy based upon nothing is no different than making policy by the pound and is a lazy and cowardly way to appease his base.

A two-for-one gimmick ploy blissfully ignores the purpose and intent of every regulation ever put into place.

Sure, let’s put lead back in paint and eliminate overtime pay as long as we can resume allowing the mentally ill to purchase handguns.

Yep, you betcha, what could go wrong?

Look, while most would agree the American economic engine is grossly over-regulated in many cost-inefficient ways, each regulation should be periodically revisited to ensure it is still fulfilling the intended requirements for which it was enacted, but not a single one should be eliminated simply to fulfill a superficial quota.

Now Trump promises to force the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture their drugs in the U.S. while also forcing them to charge the American people less for their products.

And now some of you are shouting, “Yeah! Give ’em hell, Donald! Make my drugs cheaper and stop the pharmaceutical bigwigs from making so much money!”

Hmmmm, this is so confusing. So-called conservatives clamoring for more regulation and limiting capitalistic potential?

Only two weeks into fulfillment of campaign promises, and as far as being president is concerned, I truly believe Donald Trump is a really, really great reality show host.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at