Vail Daily column: The acceptance of reality |

Vail Daily column: The acceptance of reality

OK, so it’s not what most of us expected.

We were left sad and depressed, afraid of the future and what it portends.

But have no fear, for only two years ago, in 2014, we had no measurable snowfall until Nov. 14 (yesterday) and it was a week later before we had enough to open the mountain.

In 2013, we were bone dry until the 22nd.

In 2012, we had a whopping 5 inches for all of November. The same in 2009.

So let’s accept reality and deal with it, shall we?

Same for that other issue too.

They started slow, quickly picked up steam, and a week ago were on top of the world.

Now they find themselves on the losing team, anticipated euphoria replaced with sorrow and depression.

But have no fear, for Battle Mountain soccer will be back next year, and this year’s squad will cherish the memories of a wildly successful season that exceeded almost everyone’s expectations.

So screw reality, congratulations, Huskies!

Oh, and about that one other little issue, as I wrote repeatedly over the campaign season, I did not wish for another Clinton in the White House, and my wish was granted.

I did not wish for a thin-skinned misogynist man-child either, but hey, you win some, you lose some.

I do not, and in all likelihood never will, respect the man in the White House, but that has nothing to do with whether or not I respect the office.

So like it or not, this immature name-calling buffoon will be my president (see what I did there), as he will be yours, and I will do whatever is necessary to support him on an international basis while combating whatever bone-headed policy changes he attempts when I find myself in disagreement.

Remember, in 2012, when Texas was going to secede from the union and Hitler Obama was going to declare himself “dictator for life,” while taking everyone’s guns away?

Of course you do.

Yeah, well, California will not secede from the union this time either and Hitler Trump will not round up the Mexicans and Muslims and send them all to Guantanamo.

No wall will be built.

No Muslims will be banned for their religion.

No Obamacare will be repealed.

No swamp will be drained. In fact, once again more than 90 percent of incumbents were re-elected to Congress and the Senate. Congratulations, you anti-establishment rebels.

And no, Hillary will not be going to jail, but our president-elect will indeed be going to court Nov. 28 for fraud in a major class-action civil trial in front of the federal judge with the “Mexican-sounding” name.

Should be entertaining to watch.

Donald Trump recently overthrew a group of political elites who have been ruling this country for far longer than most of us have been alive. He is a New York Democrat in Republican clothing that is left of Clinton on trade and foreign policy.

Life could be worse, and as I said, you can still respect the office without respecting the man, and either way life goes on and we’re all still Americans.

So let’s accept reality and deal with it, shall we?

Richard Carnes of Edwards writes weekly. He can be reached at

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