Vail Daily column: The missteps continue

What? Not again. Is there no end to the scandals this administration is capable of? But what would a conservative write about if this administration didn’t look like a bunch of bumbling fools or amateurs?

A judge arrived at the hospital (allegedly sent by Attorney General Eric Holder) where the FBI was interrogating the recovering terrorist Boston bombing suspect. She arrived long before the 45-hour variance for a terrorist’s interrogation had expired. The judge then indicted the suspected “terrorist” and Mirandized him, immediately forcing the interrogation to be halted. (Columnist Charles Krauthammer said the action was a criminal act.) If Holder ordered the interruption, he should be thrown in jail or at least be fired. (After the “Fast and Furious” debacle, you’d think Holder would think before he acted.) The judge should have known better.

The FBI had no prior knowledge of the premature intrusion, and the officers were furious. The result is that the bomber clammed up, stopped answering questions, and valuable information was lost.

Meanwhile, our precious and not so honest king and supreme ruler was being questioned at a press conference about the events regarding the Benghazi massacre. The raiders killed Ambassador Stevens and three brave heroes. Obama was asked if he was aware that the surviving State Department staff members who were rescued from Benghazi were threatened with reprisals if they testified before a congressional committee about the Benghazi attack.

Obama denied knowing anything about the threat of reprisals.

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The attorney, representing the staffers, had filed a request for a security clearance from the State Department. She claimed that the State Department was stonewalling her request. After she went to the press, suddenly her clearance appeared.

Shortly after Benghazi, Obama walked to a microphone with his prepared script and his two protective tell-a-prompters, and said he intended to get to the bottom of this and find and punish the culprits. He would leave no stone unturned until these culprits were brought to justice. (Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said recently on his TV show: “After seven months, Obama hasn’t found the top, let alone the bottom of the Benghazi issue.”)

To date, not one has even been identified and none have been brought to justice. (Didn’t he say the same thing after the bombing in Boston?) With Holder interfering in the FBI’s interrogation, it may raise the question about manipulating the results.

Holder also insists on trying terrorist in American courts, where they receive the same rights as Americans. (An American citizen designated a “foreign combatant” raises a different problem.)

Does it seem strange to you that maybe Obama and Holder don’t want to discover the truth about these Islamic terrorists because it might be politically embarrassing? Obama has banned the use of words like “jihad,” “war on terror,” “radical Islamic terrorists,” and any words that might be offensive to Muslims. Will banning words change one act of despicable violence by even one terrorist? Obama still naively believes that he can negotiate with government leaders of countries where their primary goal is to kill Americans.

Denial is one of Obama’s problems, like so many amateurs. Recently, when asked about Benghazi, he said: “Why do you ask about Benghazi. It was so long ago” (paraphrase). His press secretary, Jay Carney, said: “Benghazi happened so long ago…,” as it was reported two nights ago, in a re-run of his remarks on the TV news when he was asked a similar question. It reminds one of Hillary’s comment: “What difference, in the long run, does it make?” when she was asked about Benghazi and why there was no attempt to rescue the American victims.

Frankly, Hillary, it makes a hell of a difference. And Obama, it is never too long ago to see that these Americans did not die in vain, even if it is politically inconvenient for you.

A final thought: Obama is constantly campaigning for a goal he has already reached. Why? Because he may he not understand the skills his job requires.

Those skills are courage, truthfulnesss, leadership, and the ability to govern:

Courage is required to face the consequences of his errors, omissions, and short comings.

Telling the timely truth, even when it hurts.

Leadership is bringing opposing ideologies together to solve problems.

Governing within the Constitution, not remaking it.

Obama appears unwilling to learn the skills necessary for his difficult elected job. So he campaigns to cover his inadequacies. Thus he travels, plays golf and hobnobbs with celebrities instead of governing. I truly feel sorry for him.

Hillary (and possibly John Kerry) surely helped stonewall the staffs’ attorney’s security clearances necessary to prepare her clients’ congressional testimony. The staffers hopefully can solve the Benghazi riddle. Their ability to freely testify without fear of retribution may close the painful cover-up of the Benghazi raid. Justice for the four brave Americans, now dead, will not be resolved.

As for Hillary, I feel nothing. She covets the job that Obama, now occupies. She may have the necessary courage to be a president, but she lacks the compassion (refer to her Benghazi testimony). Compassion and campaigning may be the only attributes Obama has.

Dick Gustafson was a two-term Eagle County commissioner.

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