Vail Daily column: They must have it covered |

Vail Daily column: They must have it covered

Paul Rondeau
Valley Voices

We, as ordinary citizens, often see things that seem to be not right, but are hesitant to speak up, as the involved individuals or organizations have lots of experience, credentials or stature. Hence, they must have “got it covered” as being correct, or if not soon on their way with corrections or clarifications. The topics can be at national, state, county or more local levels. The problems go from lack of simple proof reading, to inattention-to-detail, to flawed understanding of a complex issue. The implications range from incidental to far-reaching serious. In theory, getting the facts right (if that’s possible these day) should transcend differing views regarding philosophy, ideology, politics, etc..

Lets have a look:

• Nationally: Repealing and replacing Obamacare. At this writing (March 16), the much-touted website has been in place for more than a week. The web site says there is a planned “monthly tax credit — between $2,000 and $14,000 a year.” This is at odds with the extensively publicized figure of between $2,000 and $4,000 per year. Perhaps the context of the $14,000 number is different? But perhaps it is a typo? In any case, with the current national interest on this, one would assume somebody would have “got it covered” with a forthcoming correction or clarification?

• State: Colorado Public Employee Retirement Fund. A recent Vail Daily article by Vince Emmer made the point that throughout a decade, the referenced fund now has a shortfall equivalent to “$12,000 per Colorado household and growing.” This entity, managed by professionals, funds retirement for a variety of folks working for various state, county and municipal organizations. If this all happened over a 10-year period — with a myriad of politicians, advising staff or bureaucrats aware of the problem — surely somebody or some body would have “got it covered” in terms of blowing the whistle and going to the mat to demand and get corrective action?

• County: School district public information. The Eagle County property tax statements included a note in a box meant to inform the public about the importance of state funding in our local school district finances. Turns out the note didn’t appear to make any sense — as if something got lost in translation. Hence, has anybody “got it covered” to make the correction or clarification?

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• Local: Municipal government, homeowner associations, etc. Here we are at a level where it’s much easier to ask, ”Is this right and, if not, has anybody got it covered?” Here the response might be, “If there is a problem, why don’t you help to get it covered?”

So, speak up and don’t be afraid of being embarrassed or assuming somebody or some organizational body has “got it covered.” You might just be able to make a difference to “get it covered.”

Paul Rondeau lives in Vail.

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