Vail Daily column: This nonsense already getting old |

Vail Daily column: This nonsense already getting old

This is my final column before the Trump Error.

“Don’t you mean the ‘Trump Era?’”


“What do you have against the man? He’s gonna be our president this Friday whether you like it or not.”

Yep, and like I’ve said a number of times, just because I respect the position does not mean I respect the man.

“So I guess that means you’re a Hilla—“

Stop it, you’re being a close-minded nitwit.

“Well, obviously you’re an Obam—“

Stop it, you’re being an ugly verbal stereotype.

“All of you libtur—“

Stop it, please allow this to penetrate your thick skull: criticizing Trump in no way, shape or form shows support for anyone else, much less president Obama and certainly not Hillary Clinton.

The First Amendment provides all Americans with the right to criticize, make fun of and point out hypocrisies of their elected leaders whenever and however they choose, and I choose to express that right every chance I can.

“Yeah, but, all you democr—“

Stop it. Let me guess, you’re one of those who proudly proclaims a hatred and distrust of the silly phrase known as “mainstream media” and cheer whenever Trumpty Dumpty calls them childish names.

“Yeah, screw ’em, screw the media! Besides, aren’t you being a bit childish yourself?”

Really? You want a tyrannical leader that refuses to answer questions from people he does not like or who have criticized him in the past? You honestly praise a leader with the predictability of a roomful of 5-year-old’s with a box of crayons and white walls? Oh, and I’m not an elected leader, so I can be as childish as I wish concerning the Twitter-in-Chief.

“Well, I support him calling out fake ne—“

Stop it, all news organizations get things wrong from time to time, even here at the Vail Daily, which is why you see retractions and apologies. They always have, only in today’s world stories can be found false within minutes of reporting, unlike in the past when we did not have the resources at our fingertips, thus we took it all at face value. Bias has always existed to some degree, it’s just that now it is easily exposed.

“But they make stuff up! They purposely try to make one side look bad in order to—“

Stop it. I bet you all of the sudden hate Meryl Streep and love Toby Keith, right?

“Damn straight.”

So when Obamacare does not go away, the Wall is never built, taxes don’t go down but the stock market does, I assume you’ll blame …Obama?

“Damn straight.”

And I bet you think redefining the word ‘snowflake’ is a clever insult, right?

“Damn straight.”

Please tell me you at least understand what constitutes the mass volume of an avalanche.


Genius, right there, pure genius. Look, can you imagine a Democrat president appointing a family member as a senior adviser?

No, don’t say anything, just keep it shut.

Me neither.

After eight years of fabricated stories about our Kenyan-born, Muslim president, NOW you’re suddenly offended?

No, don’t say anything,just keep it shut.

All I can say about Mr. Twitter fingers is the last thing I am is a journalist, but yes, I very much want to see his tax returns.

No response?

Good, just keep it shut, please, no matter which side you’re standing on there’s more than enough nonsense flowing already.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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