Vail Daily column: Trump is only hope we have |

Vail Daily column: Trump is only hope we have

I will not try to kid you, this column is a tough one to write because I, too, have serious problems with the top of the Republican ticket.

But — and it’s a big but — there is more at stake than simply getting side tracked by some decades old accusations.

But we do have to keep things in perspective, so if we remember the old playground chant about sticks and stones, perhaps we can have a conversation about moving forward.

So while we all wish things were different and easier, we also know that wishing doesn’t make it so and that as adults, we have to deal with the reality that exists.

So what is that reality?

Since the very beginning of these campaigns, it has been clear that the Supreme Court is the biggest issue. The impacts of a liberal court’s reach are endless, long-term and entirely disruptive to our country as we know it and our way of life at its most basic levels.

The very future of the country depends on the direction the court will take when appointments are made, and no one can argue the fact that those decisions will affect generations of Americans, not just the next four years.

Freedom of speech, gun rights, health care, union domination, religious freedom, education, election reform — you name it.

And if you believe John Boehner, no matter who wins, there will be legislative gridlock, giving the Supreme Court even more power to determine the outcomes. But you don’t need to go any further than the last debate to see where Hillary Clinton is in regards the court. When asked her priorities, she replied Citizens United, abortion and guns. There’s no argument at all about this — the Supreme Court is without question the single biggest reason to elect Trump.

Health care is also at the top of the list. Clinton plans to move the ACA forward on steroids even though her husband admitted it was “the craziest thing” to have a program that costs twice as much with half of the benefits. Does that really work for you?

And right up there is national defense. The Middle East is in chaos and Russia’s aggression of late is a direct result of the Obama/Clinton policies. This is not a world that any of us want to fast forward to future generations. And, make no mistake, a Clinton White House will do nothing to change this trajectory.

And then there’s the debt. Is it the legacy we want to pass to the next generations? Deficit spending must stop or we will be Greece. Or Spain. Or any of the rest of those countries whose out-of-control spending has finally taken its toll.

What about immigration? Reforms must take place, and soon. The sieve at our borders combined with the lax policies for those who do enter legally must be changed. We must get a handle on this mounting problem.

And then there are taxes and economic growth and stability and jobs. They’re all connected, so that’s why they’re all lumped together. Business taxes must be reduced if jobs are to be created. The creation of jobs is the crux of economic growth, which then leads to economic stability. It sounds so simple and logical, yet eight years later it remains a mystery to the current administration. And as recently as last Sunday’s presidential debate, Clinton was still blaming it on Bush.

Oh, and by the way, are they actually serious about global warming being the greatest threat facing us today? Really?

By now, you must be getting the theme here. The current administration has created more problems than it’s solved. And Clinton has played an instrumental role every step of the way.

So no matter how you slice it, we have problems and they must be solved. Does anyone really think Clinton is up to the task? And I hope you have noticed that I have not even mentioned Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, the missing emails or media bias to prove my point.

You all may or may not remember that I was a Kasich fan all the way. Many of you had other choices. But none of those made the ticket.

So like it or not, here’s where we are today.

The bottom line is this: You must vote, and you must vote Republican.

You cannot sit it out. You cannot vote third party. You cannot strike a holier than thou pose and lead us to the same result we had four years ago when misplaced frustration kept Republicans home. It’s all too painful to see where that got us. Four more years of failed policies, rampant egos, a stifled economy and a world spinning out of control. If that works for you, then I really don’t know what planet you’re on.

We must also keep in mind that future generations will hold us accountable if we don’t have the ability to see the big picture involved in the voting decisions we make today. They will wonder why we let old information control the future of the country.

So for me, I can’t wait to get my ballot. I can’t wait to do my part to get this country back on track. And while I don’t think it’s a perfect choice, it is the only choice I can make. This country needs our support and I willingly give it to Trump with all of his flaws, because on balance, he is the only hope we have.

Kaye Ferry is the chairwoman of the Eagle County Republicans.

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