Vail Daily column: Vote for honesty, integrity |

Vail Daily column: Vote for honesty, integrity

Mike Lederhause
Valley Voices

If you support Hilary Clinton, then either you are just not paying attention or you do not have a bit of integrity. Through the years since there have been many instances when she has reportedly lied and she has a well-deserved reputation as being dishonest. There are so many instances where Hillary has reportedly lied that there is not room here to report all of them. You are judged not only by the company you keep but also by what or whom you support, so anyone supporting Hillary gives the impression that they are no more honest and reputable than a common thief. If you are young and have not taken time to research Hillary’s past, you should do so before supporting her at the risk of destroying your reputation. As former Eagle County Sheriff Jim Seabry said, “Being half honest is like being half pregnant, either you are or you are not.” I do not believe Hillary is either one.

While Hillary spreads a good story on the surface, there have been many reported instances of her disdain for the common American. Hillary has operated on the principle that if you cannot pay to play, she has no interest in your welfare. As a public official, there have been many instances reported that in return for large donations to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary can arrange for things to happen that will benefit those that donated. The Clinton Foundation has been reported to be nothing more than a fraud and money-laundering setup for the personal benefit of the Clintons.

If you or I were under investigation for some simple crime, then the first thing the FBI or other law enforcement agency would do is seize our computer and any other records they could find. Instead of seizing Hillary’s computer and records, they left Hillary to destroy over 30,000 pieces of evidence and then the FBI decided there was not intent to violate the law. What a farce that was. The fact is that Hillary went way beyond just deleting the 30,000-plus emails, Hillary hired a firm to permanently destroy the email to destroy any evidence of wrongdoing. Hillary was the secretary of state, the one in charge, and still claims that the emails were not marked classified, so there was no way to know they were classified. If the boss or the person in charge (meaning Hillary) does not have enough intelligence as to know what is important or classified information, then who does? How can someone that claims such ignorance of what is classified information ever hope to be president and keep our country safe? Of course, if Obama were worth his salt, then he would have been on top of the misuse of the private email set up instead of vacationing around the world. This whole thing with the emails, including the FBI investigation, smells bad.

I realize some folks are excited that they can possibly vote for a woman for president, but remember the majority voted against Hillary just eight years ago and elected a man that had no experience and had a very questionable background, so what makes Hillary any better now? In the last eight years, it has been very clear that Hillary’s judgment and honesty are very questionable after lying about the events in Benghazi and the very poor judgment putting our national security at risk with the private unsecured email setup. In addition, there are the reported large donations to the Clinton foundation in return for favors and the participation in the gunrunning scheme “Fast and Furious” that resulted in the death of a Border Patrol agent. In addition, Hillary’s health has declined, which may make it difficult to serve as president.

I could support a woman for president if she was one of the many women in this country that are honest and intelligent with integrity to do what is best for America and not for personal gain or for a political party. Hillary lacks in all of these qualifications.

The Democratic Party has repeatedly demonstrated that they are corrupt and cannot be trusted for factual honest information. Just look at the way they treated Bernie Sanders. He did not have a chance with the corrupt system of super delegates even though he worked hard and had the support of many of you. Remember, they cannot be just half-honest. So where can you get factual information about Hillary if not from the Democratic Party or statements that Hillary makes? The liberal biased media is a poor source since many of the upper management of the various networks are or have spouses that are involved in the Democratic Party or the Obama administration. The recent debates are a prime example of the bias from the media. In the first presidential debate, it appeared that Hillary was reading the answers and seemed to have everything in order so she did not have to look for the answers. Did she have the questions ahead of time? The vice presidential debate was a farce with Kaine interrupting constantly. The moderators in both debates did not keep order and treated the candidates in a fair and unbiased way. After watching all the various channels, I believe that Hannity, O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly on the Fox News Channel try to present both sides of most stories; you might tune in and decide for yourself.

We have to make a change if America is to survive. In the last 7 1/2 years, the national debt has doubled from what had accumulated in the previous 232 years. It is now $19,666,503,795,632, or your share is $60,718. Are you prepared to pay this? Since Sept. 30, 2012, the debt has been increasing at $2.45 billion. We just cannot afford Hillary’s liberal programs no matter what is promised.

With over 323 million people in this country, it is hard to understand how we ended up with the choices we have for this election. If Hillary is elected the Supreme Court and the Constitution will be a thing of the past, the national debt will not be sustainable and we will be overrun with criminal immigrants bringing an end to the America that we knew. Please do not fall for Hillary’s glorious promises, because there is no substance to her word. Talk is cheap and our future depends on your informed vote. If you do not take time to learn the truth, then you should not be voting. The chance to vote is an important right that we have in America but with that right comes some responsibility to know what or whom you are voting for.

It is wrong to elect a president based on sex or the color of their skin. Vote for honesty, integrity and intelligence, or don’t vote.

Mike Lederhause lives in northwest Eagle County.

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