Vail Daily column: Welcome to non-president’s week |

Vail Daily column: Welcome to non-president’s week

Richard Carnes
My View

You came to Happy Valley for a reason.

Some of you for Presidents Day, some for the entire Presidents Week and others for spring break, but the point is almost always the same: a temporary escape from your version of reality.

And thankfully, in spite of the holiday-ish title, none of it actually has to do with a president.

Or in the case of this year, THE president.

No-no, don’t get me wrong, this is not, in any way, shape or form, an indictment or negative charge against our current commander-in-chief, as that would be a political statement of sorts, and the last thing you wish to read during your limited vacation time is more rambling diatribe about our nations questionable state of affairs.

We, or for clarification — I — am not that shallow.

Therefore, being of shallow-free information, and seeing how I personally wish nothing but the best for each of you during your time here, please feel free to use the following information however you see fit.

Although we recently suffered through our apparently “new normal” of having a February thaw, rejoice that winter has returned (according to the forecast).

We certainly are.

Want to go skiing or boarding? We have two tremendous mountains with seven different base areas. Pick one and go, just understand that although freedom of speech is alive and well here in Happy Valley, no talk of presidents is required (or encouraged) on ski lifts.

Want to eat? Enjoy our plethora of restaurants, knowing that the further west you travel on Interstate 70, the lower the prices. While political discussions might be normal table talk at home, feel free to ignore such topics while on vacation. In fact, a few bites of “Colorado Chocolate” (perfectly legal, by the way), can help keep discussions light and entertaining.

Want a great place to stay? Well, you’re already here so it doesn’t really matter at this point, but speaking of lodging, while the TV(s) in your hotel room generally only receive a few dozen channels along with spicy pay-per-view, feel free to turn the damn thing off and go outside.

You’re in Vail, in Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains.

You didn’t spend all that money to watch TV.

And while internet connections are generally strong throughout the valley, leave your laptop and various devices off as well. Unless you’re checking the weather, keeping up with family members and friends or looking up your stats on, no internet is required to have a wonderful day on the slopes.

Want to know how many service workers are acquiescing to your every need?

Of course you don’t. Why would you? You’re on vacation, that should be way down on your list of cares in the world at the moment.

Just be sure and tip them well, when it’s deserved of course.

Want to go shopping? There’s no shortage wherever you are, and we don’t have a Nordstroms, so feel free to spend those dollars with nary a lick of political guilt.

We’re not here to judge.

Whether you think the snow is mashed potatoes or pure wet silk, take a moment while on top of the mountain and enjoy the view.

While we’re fortunate to see it daily, we know you must return home, but please understand that we’re stuck dealing with the same presidential nonsense that you are, year round.

Hopefully that makes you feel a little bit better.

Enjoy your stay.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at