Vail Daily column: We’re introducing upgrades to the newspaper’s e-edition |

Vail Daily column: We’re introducing upgrades to the newspaper’s e-edition

Krista Driscoll
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Krista Driscol, Vail Daily's new Editor.
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If you visit and scroll down past the main rotating carousel of stories, then you’ll find a collection of tiles that link to various features and areas of the website. One such tile will lead you to the electronic, or e-edition of the Vail Daily.

The e-edition is a virtual copy of the printed newspaper. The interface allows you to flip through the pages, create PDF clippings and search through archived daily editions going back to 2013, all without the inky-black fingers that come with handling newsprint.

On Monday, we’ll be launching an updated version of the e-edition, with a few additional features.

The new platform is optimized for touchscreens, and new view options will allow you to adjust how pages are displayed, so you can choose the best format for your computer or mobile device.

New menus make navigation simpler, with thumbnail previews so you can jump around from section to section, page to page or article to article. Click on a specific article, and an article pop-out box will appear. Within the box, you can share the article via email or social media channels, bump up the text size or generate a printer-friendly version. You can also jump directly to the next article without returning to the page view.

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Bookmarks let you tag a page from the current edition, which you can easily access or reference later, or download full pages or groups of pages to save, print or share.

The e-edition’s new HTML5 player also means you won’t have to download or continuously update Flash Player software.

E-editions are available for current and archived issues of the Vail Daily, Vail Daily Weekly and Eagle Valley Enterprise, as well as our quiver of magazines, including Vail Lifestyle, The Collection, EAT, ART, Glow, Vail Valley Home and more. It’s a great way to get that old school, page-turning experience, whether you’re on a sojourn away from the valley or if you simply didn’t have time to stop by the closest newspaper box.

If you haven’t discovered the e-edition, then I encourage you to check out the new interface on Monday. And if you’re a regular e-edition reader, then let me know what you think of the upgrades.

Krista Driscoll is the editor of the Vail Daily. You can reach her at

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