Vail Daily editorial: Are you ready? |

Vail Daily editorial: Are you ready?

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

As we’re all celebrating snow on the ground and in the forecast, it’s time to celebrate, and gear up for, another season: The Christmas holidays.

Many schools start their holiday breaks this weekend, and that means the valley will soon see its busiest two weeks of the year.

If you’ve lived in the Vail Valley for a while, then you know what Christmas season is like: hotels, restaurants and shops quickly fill, as do the slopes and ski schools. If this is your first season, then get ready: you’re about to be about as busy as you’ve ever been.

This is good news, of course. Despite decades of efforts to diversify, ski season in Vail still accounts for roughly 70 percent of the town’s sales tax collections. All that happens in a bit less than five months. Even that compressed busy season has its own periods of highly-concentrated activity. And it starts in the coming two weeks.

Change“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”Harriet Tubman

There are plenty of days and weeks when business at Vail and Beaver Creek ranges from modest to pretty busy, and the pace is reasonably comfortable. But resort-focused businesses count on the crazy times to boost their bottom lines.

And oh, those weeks!

The Christmas-season bustle isn’t unique to the Vail Valley, of course. Ask anyone who works for one of the major delivery companies about their workload this time of year.

But — and this happens most years — it seems like we’ve all just started to adapt to a certain rhythm in the new season when that pace accelerates up to a “holy cow!” pace in the blink of an eye.

So here it comes. Hold on, take a few deep breaths when you can, and enjoy the few quiet moments when you’re able. You’ll make it. If the snow keeps up, then there will be a nice reward starting about Jan. 2.

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