Vail Daily editorial: Endorsements, and you |

Vail Daily editorial: Endorsements, and you

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

It’s election season, and that means the Vail Daily’s editorial board is about to start interviewing candidates for office and backers of ballot issues.

This newspaper’s endorsement process is fairly simple, largely the result of internal conversations, using information from stories about, and interviews with, candidates and supporters of ballot issues. Using that information, the newspaper makes endorsements. The intent is to provide voters with a bit more information when looking down a long, complex ballot.

The candidate process is pretty straightforward, since it includes conversations with people seeking office.

Ballot issues are a little more difficult. On the local level, there are generally formal groups supporting those issues. Organized opposition at the county level is pretty rare.

That’s where you can help.

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We’d like to invite opponents of this fall’s three ballot issues — two property tax increase proposals from Eagle County Schools and a sales tax proposal for Eagle County — to send reasons why they think voters should reject these proposals.

It doesn’t count if you simply think taxes are too high already, although virtually all letters are welcome. Still, not many people want the government to just take more of their income.

The paper’s endorsement process — and, most important, its readers — would be better-served by somewhat more detailed arguments.

Do you think the school district should be looking more closely at its existing revenue sources before asking voters for two pretty substantial tax hikes? What, besides using more tax money for pay raises, should the district do to keep teachers on staff? Your ideas are welcome.

Does the county’s plan for a permanent affordable housing fund let local businesses off the hook for properly compensating employees? Are the housing needs in Eagle County markedly different than the needs of Summit and Pitkin counties?

Please, make your case.

Send letters — limited to no more than 500 words, please — to Readers will appreciate the information. And, when it comes to endorsements, other points of view are always useful.

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