Vail Daily editorial: Please, slow down, merge properly in construction zones |

Vail Daily editorial: Please, slow down, merge properly in construction zones

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As readers who commute from downvalley are well aware, the Colorado Department of Transportation is fully involved in this summer’s project on that part of Interstate 70.

The project, expected to last into November, involves bridge repairs, culvert replacement and other work on the highway between Avon and, roughly, Wolcott.

Road work in the valley is nothing new, of course, but this work is a bit different, since it puts crews on a handful of different sites. What all those sites have in common, though, is slow-down zones. That means a drive from Wolcott to Avon has motorists slowing down, speeding up and then slowing down again.

That may be a little confusing, but from the looks of it, many of us need a reminder of what’s expected of us in construction zones.

At the top of the list are two short words: Slow down.

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It’s more than a little unnerving to see motorists zipping through the go-slow zones, whether or not there are crews working in those areas. Come on, folks. You don’t want to hit any of those people, and they don’t want to be hit.

It’s also worth remembering that slow zones are in effect even if there’s no construction going on. And, in double-fine zones, tickets can add up to a few hundred dollars.

There are also a couple of spots along the highway where traffic is squeezed down to one lane. During the past few years, signs telling motorists where to merge have gotten quite a lot better, but here’s another reminder:

Slow down and then please stay in your lane until the merge point. That helps traffic move more smoothly — if slowly — through the zones.

Again, this project will run into November, so we still have a few months of speeding up, slowing down, merging and then speeding up again. It will go better for all of us if we’re using the same instruction manual.

The Vail Editorial board is Krista Driscoll, Scott Miller and Mark Wurzer.

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