Vail Daily editorial: We’re not done yet with winter |

Vail Daily editorial: We’re not done yet with winter

Let’s see a quick show of hands: Who wore a winter jacket out the door Tuesday morning?

Many of us who have spent the past few weeks lubing bike chains and cleaning off golf clubs can be excused for having a serious case of spring fever. The adventurous among us have spent time enjoying an occasional “triple dip” — ski mornings, followed by a round of conventional and disc golf.

While the warm, dry weather has been nice for off-mountain pursuits, this stretch of sunshine actually hasn’t had too big an effect on local snowpack.

The Eagle River Water & Sanitation District serves residents and businesses from East Vail to Edwards, as well as Minturn. The district measures snowpack at three primary sites: Vail Mountain, Copper Mountain — which is near Shrine Pass — and Fremont Pass, the Eagle River’s headwaters.

Throughout the past several weeks, the snow water equivalent numbers at Copper and Fremont have kept pace with, or still slightly exceed, the median numbers for the past 30 years. The numbers on Vail Mountain have taken a dip, but it’s hard to tell how much of that is due to March’s mini-drought and how much is attributable to the loss of tree cover around the snow-measurement site.

In short, we remain in good shape, water-wise.

But those who play on the mountain — that would be most of us — are like dogs with table scraps: There’s no such thing as “enough.” The powderhounds among us want snow, and more of it, on a regular basis, and the past several weeks haven’t delivered.

That looks to be changing as we head into the ski season’s last few weeks. Vail and Beaver Creek have both picked up a few inches here and there throughout the past week or so, and there’s more snow in the forecast for the coming weekend.

So keep those winter jackets handy, and don’t get in a hurry to have the snow tires switched to your summer treads.

March may have been lamb-gentle from start to finish, but we’re not done yet with the snow season.

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