Vail Daily letter: A compliment for the community, a critique for the paper |

Vail Daily letter: A compliment for the community, a critique for the paper

I write to compliment and critique. I am proud to be part of a local community that knows how to respond with such warmth, empathy and support during a crisis moment. Our community gathered so beautifully around the Walder family following my friend David Walder’s tragic death last week.

From those first horrific hours in the medical center through David’s intense and poignant memorial at the Vail Interfaith Chapel, I was touched by youth and adults enacting their love of the Walders by presence, action and generosity. For every meal, errand, call and check-in, I am so deeply grateful. You all are magnificent examples of why I live in and minister in this community.

As proud as I am of this community, I am equally disappointed our local newspaper could not display similar empathy. While I appreciate edits to insure accuracy in reporting, I remain utterly perplexed as to the compelling public need to publish an article outlining the accident on the very day of David’s memorial service. This timing was callous, unnecessary and tone-deaf to a community filled with advertising clients of the Daily. Why not wait even 24 hours?

Better yet, why not also include many wonderful details regarding David’s amazing life, easily available if anyone from the Daily had simply attended David’s memorial, which did not happen. For this reason, our congregation will take several weeks away from our weekly worship advertising, as apparently our only option as a 20-year Daily client to be heard is financial. The Daily could learn better from the community it purports to serve.

Rev. Brooks Keith


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