Vail Daily letter: A failure of democracy |

Vail Daily letter: A failure of democracy

When a spoiled rich kid grows up with a pocketful of Daddy’s money and the personality of a circus barker, and no experience in government or the military, to become the president of the United States, it becomes clear that our political system is broken.

When evangelicals are willing to support a hot-headed egomanic with no moral character in order to control the Supreme Court, one has to question their views of God and Christ as saviors. The evangelicals seem to have made a pact, at least in this case, with the devil.

It now seems very possible that most candidates for the president of the United States of America in the future will fare better with no government experience and no reservations about making promises that are difficult or impossible to keep, or if somehow kept will drag us into an American version of Nazi Germany, and a world war.

These are indeed very dangerous times.

Roger Cotton Brown

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