Vail Daily letter: A reply from Castle Peak |

Vail Daily letter: A reply from Castle Peak

Castle Peak staff wants to thank Mr. Butch Mazzuca for bringing his concerns to our attention. We met with him and the family previously to address these issues, as we’re honored when people choose Castle Peak and want to do all we can to meet their needs. While we don’t agree on everything, we acknowledge things could have gone better and want to apologize, once again.

Rules to protect the privacy of patients and residents prevent us from discussing anything more in a public forum. However, we have learned from this experience and are working to ensure those we serve have an excellent experience and are not disappointed.

We can report that numerous patients, residents and families have gone out of their way to let us know they are extremely satisfied with their experience — and we feel truly privileged to serve them. Since Castle Peak opened last fall, 23 people have returned to the community after successfully completing rehabilitation. In addition, to enhance our quality of care, health care center employees have completed extensive training courses.

Above all, the staff of Castle Peak is deeply committed to serving Eagle and the surrounding community. We gratefully appreciate the feedback of residents, families, patients and the community, so if something goes wrong, we can remedy it. We invite you to contact us any time at or 970-432-1100.

Dan Shields

Campus Administrator

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