Vail Daily letter: A rigged system |

Vail Daily letter: A rigged system

The elimination of background checks or proof of residency and citizenship is a recipe for voter fraud and the nullification of the election results itself. The non-vetting and dispensing of requirements for obtaining citizenship for undocumented or illegal aliens by Immigration Services via an expedited process prior to the national election is a calculated protocol of the DNC, and in effect disenfranchises the legal American voter in the process.

The bias and blatant unprofessional journalism by the mass media in endeavoring to sway the American voter toward its progressive agenda is tampering with the election process, albeit in a subtle mien. The bias, unruly and unprofessional attitude of commentators at the debates foments a skewed image of one of the candidates for the high office, what with the fabrications and interruptions by the other, witness the Kaine vs. Pence debate of late. This is illustrative of a surreptitious manipulation of the election process.

And finally, the blatant disregard for the rule of law, the criminal statutes in place, and the discrimination against the average American in favor of one privileged candidate for the office by federal agencies such as the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Election Commission itself transform the election process into a facade to sub-serve the interests of those on the “take” or perpetrating the “fix.”

All of this creates an endemic distrust by the people of the present administration or regime, and aborts a republican form of government into an oligarchy or a “banana republic” the likes of Cuba or California. When you think that your vote counts — counts against what? In a rigged system, such as we have, your “vote” has already been counted by the polls before you even cast your ballot.

Your vote will only have efficacy and meaning if and when we infuse honesty, candidness, fairness and integrity into the process. Where one party controls the election process we have mob rule. Until people change, until the people can reassert themselves actively into the election venue through meaningful education and inquiry, we will have a phantom and unrepresentative American government for all the world to see and suffer. Until then, do not suffer the fools gladly (St. Paul).

Fredric Butler

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