Vail Daily letter: Act politically in face of climate change |

Vail Daily letter: Act politically in face of climate change

Butch Mazzuca’s May 14 column complains about individuals and teachers who claim that climate science is settled and who take political action to address that change.

Yes — some people shout about their climate change opinions without fully understanding the science, and they seek to influence public opinion and legislation. With so much at stake, who can blame them?

I think we can all agree that science is complicated and that scientific conclusions are always subject to further analysis. But we should also be willing to agree that when a large body of scientific data indicates that a certain human activity is reasonably likely to cause massive global disruption and millions of refugees (many of whom bear no responsibility for the cause of the disruption), we should all stand up and pay attention. And we should act — politically.

Mr. Muzzaca laments that climate science has become “politicized.” Perhaps. But we live in a world where governmental action is essential to address climate change. Either we will address the issue through our political processes or we will do nothing. The American political process is messy. If you want something different, I suggest a visit to Russia or Venezuela.

James Harrison

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