Vail Daily letter: Airlines listen to complaints |

Vail Daily letter: Airlines listen to complaints

The July 15 article “How hot is too hot aboard an airliner? Law doesn’t say,” by Associated Press writer Thomas Peipert, includes some statements that I would like to correct. First, the flight he highlights was not “a United Airlines flight,” as he stated; it was United’s regional carrier, Trans States Airlines. Yes, United needs to fix it.

Second, I have flown for a major airline for 33 years and I have never turned off the air-conditioning system to save fuel. It does not work that way. What we do is shut down an engine after landing or before takeoff for long taxi times to save some expensive fuel, usually only on smaller aircraft. These airplanes are very overpowered, and one engine will taxi it quite adequately. However, for single-engine taxi, we do start the auxiliary power unit for an air source to provide air to both air-conditioning systems.

Airlines listen to complaints.

Robert Ponti

Dallas, Texas

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