Vail Daily letter: Airport noise pollution in Gypsum |

Vail Daily letter: Airport noise pollution in Gypsum

I built my home in the Gypsum Creek Valley in 1976. The airport had some traffic on holidays even then, but most days there were only a few flights, if any.

Now, however, on weekends at least, there are flights all day long. In the mornings, they pass over my home every few minutes. It is impossible to enjoy being outside gardening or just to enjoy being in a peaceful, rural setting.

I assume many of these flights are not Eagle Country related but part of a concession for a flight company that services the Western Slope in general. Unfortunately, the noise is making parts of the Gypsum Creek Valley almost uninhabitable.

The planes almost always take the same route, right over Cotton Ranch and over my place at the bottom of Cottonwood Pass. I can understand that this may be the best flight path in some weather conditions, but I’m sure other routes north of Gypsum would work just as well in reasonable weather. The jets gain altitude quickly and are high above the hills not long after leaving the runway in all directions. There are almost no residences north of the highway, so the noise pollution wouldn’t disturb anyone in that area.

The part of the town of Gypsum that is right at the end of the runway is impacted, in any case. I would think they are not all happy about the noise. Has the county considered limiting the number of flights per day, given the fact that the airport lies right between Eagle and Gypsum and not very far from either?

It’s a problem that needs to be addressed.


Roger Brown


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