Vail Daily letter: An inconvenient truth for Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: An inconvenient truth for Eagle

An inconvenient truth in Eagle

The Eagle Town Board of Trustees has discovered that private landownership and personal property rights are an inconvenient truth.

Most of them don’t see your personal property rights as a right. I jokingly mentioned to a friend that I was surprised they haven’t exercised eminent domain. The next day I see that they actually are considering adverse possession of the land for the river park! As the owner’s daughter, Alexis Kensinger, rightly pointed out in the recent meeting, “This is America.”

But no, it’s not America, it’s Eagle, and the board of trustees thinks they have the right to do with your land as they wish. Mayor Anne McKibbin continues to act as if personal property in the town of Eagle is there for the taking.

There are members of the board who defend personal property rights, such as Kevin Brubeck. Vote for Brubeck in the next election, but let’s get McKibbin out of there. She has forgotten who she is working for.

We have to change the attitude of the board by electing people who care about us and our rights. Or someday you may find yourself sitting in the Eagle Town Hall in total shock that the zoning or even the ownership of your property is being taken away “for the greater good.”

Donna Spinelli

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