Vail Daily letter: An infringement on personal privacy |

Vail Daily letter: An infringement on personal privacy

Editor’s note: Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams’ official response to the request for information by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is to provide voter information that is currently available, including the voter’s full name, residential address, party affiliation, date of affiliation, gender, birth year, phone number if provided by the voter at registration and whether the voter has voted in prior elections. All of this information is public record and, according to Colorado law, must be released. Other information requested by the commission will not be provided.

In May, President Donald Trump created a voter fraud panel while making unsubstantiated claims that we have had “massive voter fraud” and “millions voting illegally.” The administration has requested voter registration information from all states.

States have been requested to provide all registered voters’ names, addresses, last four digits of their Social Security numbers and party affiliation, records of elections in which you have voted, records of felony convictions, military status or having lived overseas.

I, for one, consider this a breach of privacy. We have no way of knowing how this information will be used. So far, 44 states and the District of Columbia have refused to release the personal information of their citizens. It has been reported on the local Colorado TV news that many people in Colorado are resigning from the voter rolls in order to protect their privacy. This is not the desired reaction and amounts to voter suppression.

Upon calling Eagle County where I am registered, I was told the only way to protect my privacy is to go to a local office of the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder to fill out an affidavit for privacy and pay $5 to protect my private information. I have done this because I do not want the Trump Administration to have my personal voter information.

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This is a burden on the voter and should not be required. This is an infringement on personal privacy. Where will it stop? Voter records are private, and no other president or administration has requested such detailed information.

The Office of the Secretary of State of Colorado at this point is required to comply because of previous legislation in Colorado. The Colorado State legislature would have to enact new legislation in order to refuse. Please write or call your local state officials requesting that our information not be released.

Gena Whitten

Beaver Creek

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