Vail Daily letter: An open letter to Sen. Cory Gardner about health care |

Vail Daily letter: An open letter to Sen. Cory Gardner about health care

You are a member of the working group tasked with coming up with a new health insurance plan. Surely, you are aware that the American Health Care Act would have a devastating impact on health care for more than 70 million Americans who rely on Medicaid.

The changes to Medicaid’s financing would roll back Medicaid coverage for 30 million children ages 6 to 18, make it harder for seniors and people with disabilities to qualify for Medicaid and get health care in their homes and communities, increase the likelihood of medical bankruptcy for low-income people and decrease reimbursements to safety net hospitals.

In addition, creating a high-risk pool for people with pre-existing conditions virtually guarantees that they will forego insurance because of the necessarily high premiums and turn to hospital emergency rooms for their health care. With little chance of appropriate follow-up, more sick people will die.

I hope you will refuse to propose or vote for any bill that causes millions to lose health care coverage and would make it more difficult for my family and friends to find or afford coverage. Keep the Affordable Care Act and fix its flaws, or adopt a public option.

You were elected to improve the lives of Coloradans, not to wreck them.

Carole Onderdonk


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