Vail Daily letter: Asking for your vote |

Vail Daily letter: Asking for your vote

I was appointed to serve as the treasurer in January after the retirement of our previous treasurer. I am running for office because I have experience in the office, am knowledgeable of the statutes and deadlines, and know exactly what needs to be done to keep the office moving forward.

The Treasurer’s Office is one of the most efficient offices in the county. With a staff of six employees we accurately account for over $280 million annually while providing friendly customer service to the citizens of Eagle County, as well as the internal county departments.

We went through a major software conversion three years ago allowing us to streamline many of our procedures and provide real time property tax account information online. In addition, property owners have the convenience to pay their property taxes online.

The Treasurer’s Office provides full transparency. We balance the office daily and reconcile and report monthly. Our monthly financial statements and tax distributions are available on our website, along with our six-month financial reports that are also published in the newspaper. The Treasurer’s Office is audited annually by an outside auditing firm along with the rest of the county, and has never had any mishandling of taxpayer money.

My staff works diligently to collect 100 percent of property taxes billed, even making courtesy phone calls to delinquent property owners making sure they are aware their taxes are delinquent and providing them with information on the process so they can avoid incurring additional fees. We typically have less than 100 property tax accounts go to tax sale in November and often have more tax investors than we have properties.

As your treasurer, I will continue to be a responsible steward of your taxpayer dollars, while providing efficient and friendly service to the citizens of Eagle County.

This is not the time to take a step backwards. This election is about electing the most qualified, competent, trustworthy individual for the job.

I ask for your vote in this election.

Mari Renzelman

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