Vail Daily letter: Better things to worry about |

Vail Daily letter: Better things to worry about

You know, the American people kill me. Everything is fine as long as things go our way. Like this Ryan Lochte deal. Here is a guy that worked his ass off for one-third of his life to make this country proud and to show the rest of the world how strong we really are, and just because he allegedly tears down a poster and takes a leak on the grass — 50 dogs probably beat him to it anyway — the media and the American people are ready to throw this poor kid under bus and strip him of all his endorsements, etc.

Come on, guys; he gave his heart and soul for this country. I would like to know how many of you out there did the same sometime in your life. These kids didn’t kill or rape or even get in a fight; they took a leak on the grass. They got a little hammered and went at the wrong spot. I would like to know how many of you can honestly say that you did the same thing some time in the first 30 some years of your life and didn’t get caught.

These kids go through hell for at least one-third of their life just to please you on TV for two weeks, and you want to treat them like that. How about all the frat and sorority parties you guys have gone to? They were kids who got a little hammered because they did an achievement that 99 percent of the rest of the people in the world couldn’t pull off .

We should pay the fine of $2 for the poster and 20 cents for a handful of grass seed and send them on their way and thank them for all their dedication.

Maybe we should worry more about the idiots running for president of this country than who pissed on whose lawn. What a joke.

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Barry Simmers


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