Vail Daily letter: Beveridge for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: Beveridge for commissioner

We will be voting for Rick Beveridge!

We first met Rick when he was a young man. He was a basketball coach coaching elementary school children the basics of basketball. Our son, Tug, was in that program and he came away from that experience with a positive attitude. a sense of teamwork and feel for the game. Something else that really impressed us about Rick was that he also taught the kids sportsmanship. He did this voluntarily because he wanted to invest his time making a difference!

Rick has been involved with many community programs and projects. He has given freely of himself to make Eagle County a better place to live! Rick does not believe in deficit spending as our government is known for; he will hold people accountable. He has been involved in real estate, construction and the business world. He is a proponent of affordable housing and will encourage new businesses to come to Eagle County

Rick has demonstrated over the years that he is an honest, responsible and capable candidate with the wisdom and foresight that Eagle County needs. Join us in making Eagle County a better place to live; cast your vote for Rick Beveridge!

Del and Linda Birk

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