Vail Daily letter: Bob Parker played critical role in founding Beaver Creek |

Vail Daily letter: Bob Parker played critical role in founding Beaver Creek

Allen Best’s excellent article summarizing the late Bob Parker’s remarkable life and his significant contribution to the ski industry stopped with Vail (“A man of many seasons,” Friday, July 7). I’d like to add his vital role in overcoming Gov. Richard Lamm’s resistance to the approval of Beaver Creek.

Lamm was elected in 1974 and Beaver Creek, (which was supposed to host the 1976 Olympics) was caught up in his “no growth” environmental agenda. After taking office, he directed his 13 state agencies to find a way to stop the project. This is all carefully documented in the book “Mountain Vision: The making of Beaver Creek.” Parker’s assignment was to change the governor’s mind.

Against all odds, Parker was up to the task, showing respect and patience in dealing with many political personalities and satisfying the concerns of the various agencies. It took 26 months, but Lamm finally withdrew his objections. I was fortunate to work alongside Bob, generating the necessary studies to satisfy the state. It was amazing to see him develop a sound logical path to overcome Lamm’s political attitude, while offering him a face-saving way to change his mind.

I found Bob Parker to be a very special person and believe his personal skills at dealing with people and using political savvy literally saved Beaver Creek from being delayed for an extended period. Today, we enjoy the fruits of his labor.

God bless Bob Parker. Rest in peace.

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Dave Mott


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