Vail Daily letter: Bolshevik revolution in the making |

Vail Daily letter: Bolshevik revolution in the making

Bolshevik revolution in the making

Of historical note, some 100 years ago, a Russian revolution transpired where a monarchy (czar) was liquidated by a communistic or Marxist form of government — generically referred to as a “socialistic” authority and euphemistically coined as a “progressive” movement in that day and age. So began more than 75 years of socialism and Bolshevik control that culminated in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

There is a parallel here in our day and age.

After no fewer than eight years of socialistic and authoritarian rule by the Democratic Party, the people of the United States constitutionally replaced that regime and returned a Republic to the people and all that capitalism endows.

Today, we have installed a democratic republic, but our contingent of Bolsheviks (progressives) still strives to maintain its authoritarian control through sabotage, obstruction, diversion, prefabrication and unadulterated dishonesty in general. Witness the fabricated Russian excuse for the Hilary election debacle with no evidence, but that investigation goes on and on; witness the James Comey termination for drummed-up reasons dealing with Michael Flynn.

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I say that the president has the unbridled authority to hire and fire his subordinates no matter whether it passes the “smell test” with the dishonest media or Democratic National Committee; witness further the alleged, salacious and prefabricated assertions by the Washington Post and New York Times that the president divulged “classified” information to the Russian Foreign Minister.

In a reach, and assuming that it were true, the president is the final determinant of what is or is not to be “classified”; to say it differently, he literally and legally cannot divulge classified information, either intentionally of inadvertently, since he determines what is or is not “classified” — got it?

Today’s Bolsheviks, aka “progressives,” are “progressing” toward reinstalling their dictatorial form of government that is and always has been inimical to the best interests and will of the people. To say it bluntly, the Democratic Party, Progressive Party, Socialistic Party or what other euphemism or appellation they can conger, is the domestic enemy of the people who constitutionally elected President Donald Trump; ergo, progressives and other protesters do not represent the will of the American people that voted their sentiments through the Electoral College.

For the same reason, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, et al, are and constitute the foreign enemy of the American people, and it is the sworn and sacred duty of the president of the United States to defend those people against all enemies, foreign and domestic. To impede, obstruct and sabotage the president in performing his duties to the American people is tantamount to treason and espionage — more so than the Chelsea Manning or Hillary Clinton variety.

To frustrate this president in his efforts to sub-serve the citizens’ will, and to succeed in that endeavor through the progressives’ handmaiden (the media), would be the harbinger of revolution of the ilk that the Bolsheviks brought to the Russian Empire a century ago. To cause this much havoc in our constitutional process would be reprehensible and catastrophic. What did Julius Caesar say a la Shakespeare — “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!”

Fredric Butler


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