Vail Daily letter: Build a rec center on former Roost Lodge site in Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Build a rec center on former Roost Lodge site in Vail

Editor’s note: Peter Dumon, head of the Harp Group, which is developing the Marriott Residence Inn in Vail at the former Roost Lodge site, was asked via email about the project’s financing. Dumon wrote, “I am finalizing the financing and still hope to break ground this fall. Worst case in the spring.”

Seeing the article on the Vail Recreation District board probably needing to have a tax increase and being somewhat familiar with the workings of the rec board, I do feel that a tax increase is warranted, as well as some better management.

I also feel that the rec board, in conjunction with the town of Vail, needs to get busy and plan a rec center like every other town in the valley corridor has. Seems odd that the most affluent town has no facility for residents and guests, which has been needed for decades.

I have suggested in the past, several times, that the town buy the Roost Lodge property and use it for housing parking and a real rec center. And now the developer who has an approved plan and told the council that their financing was in place has now found out that this is not the case — I am sure just a minor oversight.

This happened with the last developer, and when they got their money, the cost had gone up too far to make the project viable, and I would not be surprised that this is going to happen again. So after taking up the time of the town and the residents, we may have a repeat situation and another opportunity for the town to pick up this parcel and use it the way it should be used.

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Randy Guerriero

West Vail

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