Vail Daily letter: Build a rec center on Roost land |

Vail Daily letter: Build a rec center on Roost land

It is quite convenient that the developers of the Roost property have the distraction of the elections working in their favor. Hopefully the town and the citizens don’t drop the ball on this oversized, poorly planned project. They want to throw away the rule book and zoning guidelines and build what they feel will make them money. They do want to build employee housing but can and will charge the highest rates, and if they can’t rent to employees, they can rent to anyone. What a great deal — for them.

At the first planning commission meeting the commissioners all had negative comments on the project and will hopefully give that same opinion to the Town Council. I know that the neighbors of this project are not in favor of the new plan.

What the town does need is to buy the property and use it for a recreation center housing and parking. Every town in the valley including Minturn has a rec center; why does the town with the most affluence not have this amenity for its residents? To maintain a stable work force and continue Vail’s success, this is necessary.

Randy Guerriero

West Vail

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