Vail Daily letter: Cacioppo for state House |

Vail Daily letter: Cacioppo for state House

As a small-business owner, I hereby show my utmost support for Michael Cacioppo as state representative. After an unfortunate run in with the state liquor enforcement, Michael Cacioppo was the only person to stick out his neck for us. Yes, we all do want to break that same neck sometimes but Michael is standing up for small businesses being harassed by state liquor entrapments. His persistent appearances and publications has already made the enormous amount of entrapments decrease. We are looking forward to a more educational relationship with the state liquor authorities and Michael Cacioppo is just the person to make this happen.

Without going into a lot of detail, here are a few other points that small-business owners and anybody else that has any regard for small businesses should take into consideration when voting in November:

• The elimination of taxes on business equipment we pay every single year on the same equipment!

• Affordable housing plans.

• The outrageous amount of taxes on commercial property.

And this is just a few starter points. We all have become too complacent and do not even know who our current state representative is.

Michael gets stuff done. Who else has the gumption to go through a hard-fought legal battle to get our water cleaned up?!

Please vote with education. Don’t just look for the “D” or “R.”

Vicky Leroux

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