Vail Daily letter: Call it like it is |

Vail Daily letter: Call it like it is

Did the Russians really try to help Trump? Perhaps it’s true, but as of now it’s all speculation; but there is an interesting twist to this story. Even if the Russians did do the hacking, what does that really prove? Let us not forget it was the mainstream media that forwarded its own ‘fake news’ to discredit Trump. But assume for a moment the democrats’ hysteria is warranted and Putin intervened in our election. The first question we should ask is who has been in charge of our intelligence apparatus and cyber security for the last eight years—it sure wasn’t the Trump administration. And secondly, even if there was hacking, it didn’t alter the vote count. What the hacking did, if it occurred, was to expose the Hillary team’s dirty laundry by revealing emails about what Clinton’s team thought of her opponents. Yes, let’s investigate the alleged hacking, but let’s call it like it is—this is primarily an attempt by the left to discredit or cast doubt upon Trump’s Electoral victory.

Butch Mazzuca

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