Vail Daily letter: Can Vail protect its skiers? |

Vail Daily letter: Can Vail protect its skiers?

I read Joe McHugh’s letter (Monday’s Vail Daily) concerning skiing safety problems on Vail Mountain with great interest. As a ski advisor for the largest ski club in southern Michigan for over 30 years, I have always emphasized the need to show safety and courtesy as a skier. Those who could not turn or stop safely were taken off the run and warned. The next stop was loss of their ticket.

My family has skied Vail for our spring break for years and are alarmed by the increasing number of near misses caused by skiers and boarders. Everyone understands that safety measures are costly. It would be interesting to know what percentage of each lift ticket is spent on safety and protecting the ticket buyer.

Vail’s stand seems to be, “ski at your own risk.” I had a near miss today. Experienced skiers are at risk by those who do not ski under control or who are on runs way above their ability.

Joe McHugh, I agree that measures should be taken. Something as simple as postings of warnings of loss of lift tickets. Even our highways are protected from irresponsible drivers. Can Vail protect their clientele on the mountain?

Linda Huber

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