Vail Daily letter: Careful what you wish for |

Vail Daily letter: Careful what you wish for

Richard Carnes’ article (My View, Tuesday’s Vail Daily) on Trump caused me to recognize “The Donald” as the candidate made to order for Hillary supporters. He may be rich, but he ain’t smart. Only a fool could be so blind to the effect his whimpering, ranting and raving over-reactions could have in eroding his support base and repulsing independents and people who can’t stomach Hillary. His refusal to be proactive in discussing the issues we most care about gives us no concrete reason to vote for him. His irresponsible remarks only serve to divide Americans, and this plays well in accomplishing the objective of those who desire to maintain and expand Chicago community organizer Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” model as a means to implement their version of a socialistic society in America. As the reader may recall, candidate Obama said he was a disciple of Alinsky’s and the model was initially implemented during his administration. Hillary is a disciple, too. In fact, author David Brock called her “Alinsky’s daughter.” I think we can assume she plans to take up where President Obama left off if she’s elected.

So what’s the plan? Is it a good thing or bad thing for America? Basically, the Alinsky model is socialistic, and we know from history that socialism doesn’t work. Nonetheless, liberals have been trying for years to make America more socialistic. The Alinsky model shows them a way.

So then, how does the model work? Hillary tells us in her own words. In a theses she wrote at Wellesley titled “There is only the fight: An analysis of the Alinsky Model” (yes, since college, she’s had this goal and methodology in mind), Hillary refers to one of Alinsky’s basic tenets: “Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.” Based on surveys, the Obama administration has largely succeeded in finding some of those ways. Many Americans are indeed anxious and insecure over the division in America. Now along comes Hillary to follow up and try to find some more ways to achieve Alinsky’s objective: Create the need for big government to insert itself more into our lives to restore unity, security and certainty for us all. Hillary’s “village” will have to come to save us from ourselves.

Again Hillary has told us this is her objective in that thesis of hers and in many, many speeches since then. In stating that the power of the government has substituted for the community organizer, she implies this is a good thing. She thinks her time has come to make it all happen. In running for president against possibly the most beatable candidate ever to run, she is getting close to achieving her 45-year-old goal. In “The Conservative Review,” Jan Kuznicki concludes, “Hillary is poised to become the supreme leader with all the power and tools of our monstrous government at her fingertips. Saul Alinsky’s daughter has it all figured out.” So, Hillary supporters, be careful what you wish for — in a scant three weeks, you just might get it.

John Bartholomew

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