Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney |

Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney

I am writing this letter in support of Bruce Carey for district attorney. I have known and worked with Bruce in various capacities for over 27 years since his first position with the District Attorney’s Office in Eagle County in 1989.

Bruce Carey has always demonstrated a sense of compassion for victims of crime and their families. Bruce has a strong knowledge of the laws for victims rights and understands the impact a single criminal act has on the primary victim, their family and their community as a whole. Bruce also understands that the family and the community of the offender is impacted as well. Because of this, Bruce has committed to implementing restorative justice practices into the Office of the District Attorney once elected. These practices provide opportunity for crime victims to have a stronger voice and greater healing. They will also allow for options that give offenders the chance to not just be punished for their crimes, but to understand the impact of their actions, the harm caused, as well as the opportunity to repair that harm. This is something District Attorney Bruce Brown claims his office currently does, but does not.

Successful restorative practices have proven for more than two decades to greatly reduce recidivism, thereby creating safer communities. For the past eight years, through the local nonprofit Survive!, restorative justice classes have been provided to the inmates at the Eagle County Detention Facility. As the creator and facilitator of this program, I can attest to the success and benefits of restorative justice practices. A three-year study of our program participants shows only a 10 percent recidivism rate. The National Institute of Justice report from 2014 shows 67 percent of people released from custody re-offend within three years.

I would strongly encourage you to vote for Bruce Carey for district attorney for the 5th Judicial District. Bruce is committed to this district, to the communities and people within the district, and to the goals of designing and operating an office that reflects high integrity and professionalism. While we all are capable of making mistakes, we also have the choice of learning from those experiences. Bruce understands this and will build on this to provide the strong leadership needed to support and maintain strong partnerships and communities. Justice is more than punitive, it is comprehensive, considering all aspects and persons involved to find a satisfactory outcome. Bruce Carey has the creativity, knowledge, determination and commitment needed for success in prosecuting and resolving criminal cases with fairness, consistency and professionalism.

Deb Baldwin


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