Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney |

Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney

I told my daughter there are two times in life that she has permission to beat me over the head until I am senseless and she can then take that same shovel and bury me with it. Those two occurrences pertain to if I were to marry again and have more children and/or if I run for a political office. I read the article in the Vail Daily regarding the Battle of the Bruces for the race of the Colorado Fifth Judicial District, which include Bruce Carey and the present DA in Eagle, Bruce Brown. As a luxury limousine operator in the Vail Valley, I believe that crashing a county vehicle in Dowd Junction, leaving the scene of a accident until at least a tow truck shows up, is much more severe of a crime than a petty alleged bribery in Leadville. I do not say alleged motor vehicle accident because the county vehicle left at the scene in Dowd Junction was completely demolished. Bruce Brown also pleaded guilty of theft of a plant in Vail valued at $50, which was many moons ago.

Bruce Carey has been a private attorney in Eagle County for 25 years and has been on the outside looking in. I realize that he has been a criminal defense attorney, so voters probably ask why he would surrender a lucrative practice to venture into the public sector. Others might wonder if that might be a conflict of interest being that he wants to join the other side. Au contraire — because a person does not know how another man perceives until he walks in that man’s shoes. Twenty-five years of courtroom experience is irreplaceable. Also before starting his private practice Bruce Carey worked as a deputy district attorney in this district in Clear Creek County and in Eagle County.

An article published in the Denver Post titled, “‘I’m a public servant, and I’m not a public slave.’ Colorado DA defends 6 1/2 weeks vacation” refers to present DA Bruce Brown’s extensive time off. Evidently that must be a lot of time off from a public position if the Denver Post deems that it is worthy of a story. The bottom line is that Bruce Carey, who represents the Republican Party and is endorsed by Eagle County Sheriff James Van Beek, shows that Carey is ready to represent the citizens of Eagle County. If elected, he will be tough on criminals, but is more interested in the rehabilitation of anyone charged with a crime and especially repeat offenders.

A former criminal defense attorney like Bruce Carey has decades of experience in litigation on the side of the defense, and many attorneys who run for district attorney practice law without seeing the inside of the courtroom. I know that the deputy sheriffs in the district will be glad to see Bruce Carey on their side because of all of his clients who he has represented over the years have been cleared of any wrongdoings because of technicalities. There are nine programs that Bruce Carey will implement if elected district attorney, one of which allows a defender to work his or her way back into the social graces of the community to be a productive citizen. You can check out the other eight programs that Bruce will implement at

Robert Milfeld


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