Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney |

Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney

I am writing this letter in support of Bruce Carey for district attorney.

I have had the privilege of knowing Bruce Carey for 25-plus years. Bruce is one of the most honest and forthright individuals that I have had the privilege of knowing. Bruce is willing to take complete responsibility for his actions and own up to any mistakes he may have made and face the consequences. I feel that these are traits we need in the Office of District Attorney.

Another remarkable trait that Bruce will bring to the office is leading by example and not expecting anything of his employees that he would not do himself.

Bruce is more than qualified to serve in this position. He has an extensive background as a criminal defense attorney. He also served many years as a prosecutor. Bruce approaches things with zeal unmatched by most. If he is asked to assist with a project, he commits and gives 110 percent to see the project through to its completion, most often with a great deal of success.

Please vote for Bruce Carey for district attorney! We need someone in this position who is honest and fair!

Carrie Van Beek

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