Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney |

Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney

In his own words, the rules don’t apply to Mr. Brown.

Brown allows wealthy, well-connected individuals to buy their way out of a criminal case. In late 2014, four citizens contacted law enforcement about a man slapping and shaking a woman by the neck on Bridge Street in Vail. Then Mr. Brown collected $500 from this government-connected individual and never filed charges against him. Meanwhile the DA requested a warrant twice for the arrest and imprisonment of a Hispanic domestic violence victim after she pleaded for the case against her husband to be dismissed. This is not equal protection.

Mr. Brown allows well-connected individuals to pay into his private slush fund to avoid prosecution while harassing the common man. The despicable part is that Brown wants the community to believe he fights government corruption. A “fight” that is surely a ruse for covering up his own corruption.

Mr. Brown doesn’t believe the hit and run laws apply to him, either. Like many of us, Mr. Brown had a collision in Dowd Junction on icy roads. Unlike many of us, Mr. Brown did not call State Patrol, stay at the scene, and report the collision as required by Colorado law. Mr. Brown was driving a state-funded vehicle, which was later declared totaled. Mr. Brown prosecutes hit-and run cases on a regular basis for citizens that don’t remain at the scene of the accident.

The law is clear that because state property (Mr. Brown’s vehicle) was damaged, he had an obligation by law to remain at the scene. You can believe that Mr. Brown is incompetent and doesn’t know the law or that “some rules apply to me and some rules don’t.” (Bruce Brown, Denver Post April 28).

This is appalling. Hold Brown accountable for his behavior. Vote for Bruce Carey for DA.

Tyra Welch

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