Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney |

Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney

I recently read the Summit Daily bio of Bruce Brown, a candidate for district attorney, and was appalled by the biased representation of this candidate. Omission of relevant information in this election is as injurious as inaccurate information.

In your bio of my husband, Bruce Carey, you chose to report a past transgression. However, in candidate Brown’s case, you abdicated your journalistic responsibility in not reporting candidate Brown’s prior criminal conviction. Plain and simply, he is a convicted thief. The Summit Daily reported his prior conviction in an article dated Oct. 17, 2012, during his campaign for district attorney. Apparently, at that time, your newspaper felt it was information pertinent to the election. So the question begs, why is this information not important in this election?

At least be fair and present all the facts so it is a level playing field, and let the people decide. After all, isn’t that how the criminal justice system is supposed to work?

Theresa Carey

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