Vail Daily letter: Chamonix ideas |

Vail Daily letter: Chamonix ideas

At the recent meeting when the Chamonix project was discussed, I was both amazed and felt it was timely that “square one” questions were brought up concerning objectives, policies, enforcement and more. This brought up in my mind the potential for three things:

1. Run an off-site, facilitated planning session to get objectives, etc., nailed down.

2. Create a decision table that can be used when considering acquisition and/or site development.

3. Go beyond statistics to put a “face” to situations our workforce is dealing with. In short, pulling together anecdotal information to complement raw numbers and percentages. Further, your newly announced survey of employers will provide additional insights.

In summary, for your own deliberations — coupled with the public’s need for transparency and an “audit trail” of how you got to your decisions — you might want to consider some of my notions.

Paul Rondeau

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