Vail Daily letter: Chandler-Henry for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: Chandler-Henry for commissioner

I am writing to voice my support for Kathy Chandler-Henry for Eagle County commissioner. Kathy has done an excellent job during her years as commissioner. She has been a collaborative leader in the community. She recognizes the importance of listening prior to making decisions. This leadership style serves us well; Kathy understands our community and her only agenda is to make the county better.

Eagle County has several issues that demand pragmatic solutions, including affordable housing, water, and open space. Affordable housing can be addressed with sensible approaches. Eagle County has vacant land suitable for housing that should be in the discussion. Land use regulations that made sense several years ago need to be updated. We have developers anxious to build affordable projects, but we need common sense approvals from governmental entities. Kathy understands the issues and will be a part of the solution.

Kathy’s knowledge of water issues is critical for Eagle County. She has spent years focused on Western Slope interests. Now is not the time to train someone new in this important area.

Open space and support for our environment ensures our valley retains it prominence and desirability for visitors and residents alike. Kathy has been a proponent of open space that makes sense; not at the expense of smart development but rather by preserving parcels important to maintaining our quality of life.

I feel Kathy Chandler-Henry has the historic knowledge and proven skills to govern effectively. I support her for Eagle County commissioner.

Dan Godec

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