Vail Daily letter: Change name of NIMBY Jamboree |

Vail Daily letter: Change name of NIMBY Jamboree

There is a day and a half event planned to start on the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 2, called the NIMBY Jamboree. The intent is to be “the start of something that might actually encourage workforce housing development.” The event is sponsored by the Vail Symposium and will be held at The Antlers at Vail.

This new approach and topic for the Symposium has caught my attention in terms of my interest in words and efficiently communicating ideas. The event organizers hope a NIMBY Jamboree subtitle will catch on: “Creating a healthy community through affordable workforce housing.”

My comments concerning the importance of words and transmitting tone are:

• “NIMBY” (Not In My Back Yard) is really too narrow, as there are developments that do not incite NIMBY feelings.

• “Workforce housing” is an old-school term that connotes less than a positive image in many minds.

• “Affordable” in today’s world drives a lot cynicism.

My suggestion is the SHELTER acronym, which is more comprehensive, with some word substitutions, helps one remember and can be used as a catchy banner for announcing events:

S — Sustainable,

H — Healthy,

E — Energized

L — Localities need

T — Thrifty,

E — Employed-occupant

R — Residences

Hence, you might say in the future: “You are invited to attend an upcoming SHELTER Jamboree.”

These comments are meant to sharpen the focus of the important upcoming event, coupled with a little more public awareness of this unique gathering.

Paul Rondeau


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